welcome to the world of Thandi’s fabulous fabric creations

At Thandi we are all about creating unique, durable products out of South African  and Dutch fabric. Founded in 2012 by owner Janneke, Thandi has grown into a three women team who work together in a supportive and ethical work environment. Their goal is to provide excellent service and outstanding quality at reasonable prices. The product range includes clothing, accessories, home decor, soft toys and wooden toys. Janneke who is a social worker by degree and a designer at heart is absolutely passionate about job creation through skill training. Her dream is to open an NGO as part of Thandi boutique, where people of previously disadvantaged communities receive training in creating Thandi’s products. This will allow them to have an internship and eventually employment through the Thandi boutique. In order to get there, Thandi is working on a great selection and reaching people far and wide who love and purchase our products. We appreciate your support so much

We invite you to browse through our different categories and have a look at our creations. We are working on our commerce website, but in the mean time you can order anything you see through our email: janneke@thandi.co.za or phone 0733547965


Thandi is a lifelong dream of Janneke coming true. A social worker by degree and a designer at heart, it gives a chance to express her creativity and makes it possible for her to contribute to upliftment of people’s lives. She works with ecological consideration and an ethical mindset.


At Thandi everyone involved making products is equally important in the process and receives acknowledgement for what they contribute. At Thandi customer care and quality of the products go hand in hand as is visible in their unique designs and variety in sizes and styles.