Welcome to the world of fog free glasses!

Our masks are triple layered; 100% cotton outer layers and spun bond inside for recommended extra protection. The printed fabric is personally selected in Holland and EU stamped so no child labor was used in the making of these fabrics!

We designed our masks so that they are not only suitable for customers with glasses but they are super comfortable and spacious for anyone (well we try and make the whole annoying-mask-on-your-face-experience as pleasant as it possibly can be)

triple layer mask
triple layer mask fabric
triple layer mask
triple layer mask fabric
triple layer mask
triple layer mask fabric
triple layer mask
triple layer mask fabric

We have a large variety of masks to choose from in our Thandi Boutique on 69 Main Road Muizenberg, or you can choose a selection of fabrics and we will make them up for you at no extra cost. The production time is only 1-2 days and you are welcome to collect or we can courier them from PostNet to PostNet at R99 anywhere in South Africa.


We also have bulk specials:

  • 0 – 9 masks = R50 per mask
  • 10 – 20 masks = R45 per mask
  • 20+ = R40


We make them in adult, kids and teen sizes and if you think your face is larger than the average one, we gladly increase the size to fit perfectly !

At the moment we are running a school kids special: 5 kids or teen masks for R200!!




Let me just run through how I use mine to get the best results.

Firstly decide if you want ear straps or neck straps.

All you have to do to convert the neck straps we provided, is cut through the middle of the bottom strap and voila you have two ear straps.

I highly recommend the neck straps because we use comfortable fabric ties that don’t pinch your skin.

Neck strap: put the bottom strap around your neck and pull the top straps to sit comfortably around your neck; for all day wear like workers and scholars you might want to leave the bottom neck strap quite loose so there is a lot of breathing space around the chin.

Glasses wearers: Pull the mask up high so the glasses sit on top of the mask!!


Enjoy your comfortable fog free mask!


Thandi is a lifelong dream of Janneke coming true. A social worker by degree and a designer at heart, it gives a chance to express her creativity and makes it possible for her to contribute to upliftment of people’s lives. She works with ecological consideration and an ethical mindset.


At Thandi everyone involved making products is equally important in the process and receives acknowledgement for what they contribute. At Thandi customer care and quality of the products go hand in hand as is visible in their unique designs and variety in sizes and styles.